STIpot is a unique platform for scientific and academic mobility, which accumulates information on scientific and pedagogical personnel to help students and young scientists search for scientific leaders abroad.

Open up to thousands of international fellows and interns to access information about your organization and its employees, and you can attract them to study or research.

STIpot is an accelerator of professional scientific and pedagogical mobility, designed to optimize foreign business travel and find new areas of cooperation.

Be the first to know about the planned visits of international experts to your city and will have time to conclude an agreement on a joint event (lectures, seminars, consultations, etc.).

STIpot is an up-to-date database of foreign scholarships and grants.

STIpot is the growth of all indicators of academic mobility.

The STIpot subscription service includes:

  • promotion of the organization and its employees to attract foreign young scientists and students for internships, training and research at the expense of foreign grants;
  • international information coverage through the support of 12 languages;
  • popularization of research and development results;
  • the current base of internships and other academic mobility programs for students and staff in leading organizations and laboratories around the world, including yours;
  • a warning system about the planned visits of international experts to your city with an integrated dialog box and an overview of the scientific profile of the expert;
  • convenient integrated communication system expert - organization - expert, student - expert - student; student organization - a student, subject to international standards for the protection of personal data.

The cost of the subscription depends on the structure of the organization and the number of academic staff. To calculate the cost of a subscription for your organization, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Get a commercial offer today!